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“Idaho Neighborhood Solutions got back to me very quickly and came out to my house and have me honest options. I recommend Idaho Neighborhood Solutions to anyone that is looking to sell there house."
– Rosina
"They were amazing to work with. Would recommend them to anyone wanting to sell. Thank you so much Idaho Neighborhood Solutions!"
– Lori

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“I just got home and the cheque is here. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you as I did not expect that at all. Thank you so much"

"Seriously it was so easy. I like that you guys took care of everything, and I didn’t have to stress."

“It was all meant to be. Before I sold I wasn’t really able to live in my own space, but since moving, I now have a spot I can feel at home in. I would definitely recommend Idaho Neighborhood Solutions to other people wanting to sell their house. You did a really good job with that house. It was nice meeting you both and working with you.”

"It was so easy working with you guys"

"Idaho Neighborhood Solutions were great in assisting with the sale of my house. Can’t thank them enough for all they did helping me with my house sale so I could move away. Great to deal with and very professional."

"Both Theresa and myself were super impressed by how professional and personable all of you are at Idaho Neighborhood Solutions"

"Our real estate experience was full of challenges.  We were listing my mother in laws house a short time after she passed away.  We listed the house on but were concerned about our lack of knowledge when it came to private sales. Thank goodness Idaho Neighborhood Solutions were one of the first people to respond to our ad.  They hoped for a quick close but due to  some hurdles and challenges on our end, we were unsure if that was possible.  Because of their empathy, professional standards and understanding, we were able to close the deal in a very timely manner with very little stress.  Thank you for making our experience so much easier. We highly recommend Idaho Neighborhood Solutions."
–Heather & Scott

"They were amazing to work with. Kept in contact, answered all questions and made sure I was well informed. Would recommend them 100%! They even went out of their way for my dog. Extremely Happy Customer."
–L Carrol
"It was very, very good. It was a lot better than I would've ever expected...for the years we've lived here, nothing has been made difficult for us. So, I would certainly recommend you."


"A big thank you for all you have done...You have both been so kind and helpful. Loving our new place. Again wonderful experience."
-Julie and Larry

"Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. I really appreciate how smooth and professional this whole transaction has been thus far. Thank you again it has been a pleasure to deal with Idaho Neighborhood Solutions.”
"Idaho Neighborhood Solutions are amazing. I had a stressed family on my hands and they took it all away. My Parents just sold the only home they ever owned and were treated like family by Idaho Neighborhood Solutions and I couldn't be more appreciative. Kind, efficient and fair!"


"We were at our wits end . I got home from work and my husband showed me the video of you guys on Facebook that you buy houses, and we said let’s call em. Such a weight was lifted off right from our first call. You guys felt like family right away. The trust was there instantly. Everything went so great with the sale of the house, couldn ’t have dreamt it any better, or with better people"


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