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“Nathen and Tricia made the selling of my house fast and stress free. I would highly recommend them."
– Rochelle K.
"Trish and Nathan were great to work with. I found this company to be very reputable, offering a fair price for my home and making the entire transition very smooth."
– Darcy S.

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“I absolutely LOVED working with Idaho Neighborhood Solutions. We needed to get out of our place quick (and it needed a lot of updates so selling was going to be hard). The WONDERFUL owners who are Idaho local made a fair offer and were very responsive and flexible with my changing needs! I would use them again in a heartbeat!"
–Abreeanah Magdaleno

“Selling and moving is a stressful event …yes? If this has been your previous experience, forget it. I have just bought my 8th home after selling to ID Neighborhood Solutions and it has been the best experience yet! Working with Trish and Nathan has been like working with folks I have known for years. When they say something they mean it and follow through. They offered a fair price, arranged the closing and escrow,and I was emailed when to show up. So convenient when I was dealing with purchasing another home through a real estate broker and having to deal with sellers and their inordinate demands. Although I don’t know alot about the company itself, I love the name – ID Neighborhood Solutions and I love what their representatives – Trish and Nathan – have done for me!”
–Mary Jane B

“I sold my house to Idaho Neighborhood Solutions because I had inherited it and it needed some repairs I didn’t want to make myself. They sent me a postcard and I called and talked to Tricia. She came out to look at the house, then came back to tell me how much they could pay for it. The price worked for me, and it was really easy from there. Nathan and Tricia were great, and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a simple way to sell your house.”
–Murray Hoel, Nampa

“Working with Nathan from Idaho Neighborhood Solutions, was a great experience. I would recommend Idaho Neighborhood Solutions to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”
–Trina H.
“Happy Independence Day from my house payment! You guys really helped me out.”

-Ali Barnes

Thank you so much for helping us figure out what to do.”
–Cindy Nicholls
“Tricia and Nathan are a couple of the kindest professionals you’ll encounter. They will be with you every step of the way and make sure everything goes smoothly. Definitely reach out to them if you have any real estate questions”
–Bryce C.

“My experience with Nathan and Tricia through the process of selling them my house was incredible. The process was friendly, quick, and professional. I had a house that needed work, and had quite a mess on the property from tenets. I was offered a fair price for the property and and Idaho Neighborhood Solutions made the entire process easy. I highly recommend calling them before a realtor, and see what they can do for you.”
–Shaun T

“It was a pleasure! Thanks to my daughter giving me the phone number. I enjoyed speaking to Tricia and Nathan. They were very nice and amicable. It was fast and easy. All went smoothly. I would recommend Idaho neighborhood solutions.”
–Profie B.
“Nathen and Tricia made the selling of my house fast and stress free. I would highly recommend them.”

-Rochelle K.

“As a escrow officer with Pioneer Title Company, I have worked with Nathan & Trisha from the beginning of their business. I have found them to be very knowledgeable and honest when dealing with their customers and would highly recommend then to all buyers and sellers.”

-Pioneer Title Company

“The stress of selling our rental property was something we weren’t looking forward to. My husband found Idaho Neighborhood Solutions and we decided to give them a try. Best decision we ever made! The process was fast and hassle free. We were offered a fair market price for our property and the process was actually enjoyable. The title and paperwork went off without a hitch. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to sell without any headaches. Very professional and given the opportunity we would use them again.”
–Susie Patterson, Caldwell

“Nathan and Tricia are awesome. They’re so nice, and they really want to help make things better for people.”

-Carla Cercione

“Nathan amd Tricia were friendly, professional, and personable. I came across Idaho Neighborhood Solutions by chance when looking for quick house buyers for an inherited property that needed work; they accommodated me in the quick closing and gave me a fair price. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who needs a quick sale!”

“Honest and easy to do business with. We had a rental that we did not want to deal with. All things considered we feel like we got a fair price and didn’t have to evict the tenant and take care of all the stuff that had to be fixed.”
-Frederick H.

“Wow! I can’t say enough good things about this company. They went above and beyond helping us with our house. There were some issues we ran into that they helped us work through and our closing was smooth. I highly recommend them. They are AWESOME!!”
–Janet R.

“Trish and Nathan were great to work with. I found this company to be very reputable, offering a fair price for my home and making the entire transition very smooth.”
–Darcy S.
“Idaho Neighborhood Solutions really helped me out in a kind and caring way when I was faced with downsizing my old farm house after my husband passed on. It was becoming impossible for me to take care of all the trees and land by myself. INS offered a unique and efficient service when I was in an overwhelmed state.”

-Jocelyn Maybe, Nampa

“Tricia and Nathan were awesome to work with. They made the process very simple and easy and followed through with everything as promised. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”
–Adrian A
“Nathan and Tricia are some of the best people for this job. If you have a situation with your house, call them and they’ll help you.”

-Scott Torgerson

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